Welcome to the relaunch of Pixelmoon – a place dedicated to documenting and detailing my journey into the world of game design.

Over the next few days I will be posting some updates to bring people up to speed on my projects, as well as the tools and methodologies I will be using to bring them to life.

But before I do that, it would be useful to provide a bit of context 🙂

What is Pixelmoon?
Having been an alias that’s followed me around the depths of the Internet and technology for quite some time, I decided in early 2013 to incorporate the name. My aspiration was that in doing so it, would act as a strong incentive to fulfil my dream and ambition of one day creating games of my own design and releasing them commercially.

Since then I have slowly been teaching myself the fundamentals of game design, coding principles and even attempting some pixel art. My pursuit thus far has been fueled purely as an enthusiast and hobbyist, but now I am in a stronger position to push this forward at a faster pace.

What is the website for?
The primary goal is to act as a vehicle to document my journey into game design, with the intention of presenting both project progress and design related content. You can expect to see thoughts and opinions on just about every element of being independent, ranging from game mechanics and technical analysis to marketing and practical business advice.

I will also be looking to add a Wiki to the site to keep a formal depository of knowledge obtained. Members / followers of the site will be able to view and interact with the content. My hope is that as I continue to learn and develop, I can use the Wiki to not only share my experience in a structured manner, but to also create the foundations of a community. More to come on this later!

For now I bid you a hearty welcome, feel free to have a look, and I hope you enjoy the expedition!

Benjamin “Pixelmoon” Trevett